Healthy Aging - A Close Up on Exercise !

Strength Training - Your Body Will Thank You Later! 


To piggy back on last week’s blog post about healthy aging (A MUST READ IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO BY NOW...seriously), today we’re going to dive into body weight exercises. Just a recap from last week, exercise should consist of a cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training (also called resistance training) component. Cardiovascular and flexibility components seem to be easier to achieve thanks to the ease of walking/jogging around the block or stretching in your living room while you watch your favourite TV program. Strength training on the other hand, can sometimes be more difficult, however, it shouldn’t be. When people think strength training, they think weights and a gym membership, however, it can be as easy as a quick workout in your living room or backyard with no equipment necessary.

The following are 4 great bodyweight exercises that are easier than you think! (see photos for form!)

1. Push Ups: Whether you're doing it from your feet or from your knees, ensure a nice straight body. Complete as many as possible, rest, and repeat 3 times.


2. Squats: Ensure you keep your feet shoulder width apart and that your knees don’t go over your toes as you lower down. Try for 15, rest, and repeat 3 times.


3. Plank: Planks can be performed from your elbows or from your hands. Make sure your body creates one long line, without any bumps or dips coming from your hips. Once you’ve mastered the plank, try out the side planks as well, you’ll be surprised at all the different muscles you’ll be using! Try to hold for 30 seconds, rest, and repeat.

plank from hands.jpeg

4. Walking Lunges: Keep your hands on your hips and as with the squat, don’t let your knees go over your toes. Try for 15 on each side, rest, and repeat. You can make it fun by doing laps of the house or staying in one one spot if you can’t take your eyes off The Real Housewives.


These 4 exercises target a wide range of muscles. This is a quick way of getting some strength training in. The best part?? Strength training should not be done everyday, so try to get this workout in 3 times/week! If these are too easy, get creative and see what else you can do without any equipment! Make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram so that we can see what you’re up to! 

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