Not Your Typical "Love Letter To Your Body"

Not Your Typical “Love Letter To My Body”

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So here we are, 4 months before the end of the year and this is the time where people start to get down on themselves for not hitting their goals for the year, not starting a new hobby like they said they would in January, and maybe you haven’t “taken up running” just yet.

But don’t sweat it. I think at times we are too hard on ourselves and this post is a reflexion on how everything may not be perfect, but we need to embrace it anyways.

You often see those posts out there about how much people love their body. Long sappy posts about embracing the appearance of your body, no matter how many rolls you have.

Too often, we forget about what our body does for us day in and day out. While you’re sitting there thinking of all the things you have not accomplished this year, your body has been tirelessly getting you through the day with no recognition.

In 1 day, your lungs have inhaled and exhaled about 23000 times, you heart has beaten 115000 times, your digestive system has digestive everything you put in your mouth. That right there, is an accomplishment! 

And now cue Not Your Typical “Love Letter To My Body”!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I embrace my appearance and I believe that is important just like all those other love letter say. However there is SO much more to the story.

I’m using my current situation as an example more than anything, but this applies to each and every one of your out there.

As I transition from a full time student, completing a very demanding program to a working professional, most things are very different and my day looks much different, but in a way it’s also very similar.

Courtney's last day oh her Master's of Physical Therapy and when she started to accept patients at The Foot Knee Back Clinic. 

Prioritizing is still very much an important part of my life because there simply isn’t enough time in the day to DO EVERYTHING!


 I may not eat as many vegetables as a need to... 

What I can accomplish when I have time..... 

What I can accomplish when I have time..... 

... but not once has my body retaliated against me (thank you for that!). Don’t get me wrong, too much grub food and I definitely don’t feel my best, however, my body does a fantastic job of dealing with those cheat days, where I eat 1, or 2, or 5 too many piece of pizza. I do supplement with a daily multivitamin (USANA CellSentials all the way!! And BiOmega because I will not eat fish) to try to help, however my body does a pretty good job chugging away even on those days where I provide very little nutrients.  


Coffee has become a meal, at times.

I do know better. Yet I still do it. Sorry body. We’ll try for breakfast again tomorrow morning.


Physical health!

Working out:

I do prioritize working out over many things. This is one thing that both my body and mind need desperately. I can feel it deep down when it’s been too long without a workout, and even with my busy schedule, I fit it in. My body has an amazing way of telling me when it’s been too long, in case I need a reminder to GET. TO. THE. GYM.

Enjoy this photos because I had to be "That girl at the gym" to get it for you all!! 

Enjoy this photos because I had to be "That girl at the gym" to get it for you all!! 

Part of me still wants to lift really heavy things. I’m still striving for personal bests in the gym, whether that’s with my deadlift, squat or number of pushups. You could question what those are really necessary for, and why I need to put my body through that. Thankfully it holds up. I’m smart about my workouts to avoid injury and then I’ll do it all over again the next week. Thank you body.

This leads me to another topic that I’m passionate about. “Why I don’t go to the gym everyday”

Hard to believe that I preach physical activity pretty much all day every day to my patients yet I’m taking days off.

Balance! I know that if I have a full day of patients, didn’t get much sleep, and I'm coming off a busy weekend, that prioritizing mental rest and relaxation is going to be better for my overall well being than dragging my physically and mentally tired body to the gym. Better yet, I avoid the feeling when you skip the gym and then feel like a failure by not going. Instead, I allow myself to skip those days and go into the next day as refreshed and ready as possible.


I don’t stretch everyday.

There. I said it. I really need to practice what I preach. I do incorporate this activity probably more than most...

(shout out to Adriene on Youtube who has the best yoga videos and she is absolutely hilarious)

(shout out to Adriene on Youtube who has the best yoga videos and she is absolutely hilarious)

...however I do not do it as much as I tell my patients to.. as much as I know I should.. As much as the evidence shows that I should … yet .. knock wood .. I have yet to be laid up for any amount of time with an injury.


My body does not shut down on those days where I’m too busy to refill my water bottle. I am known in my family as the girl with the water bottle, having it pretty much everywhere I go. However, some days get busy, and I don’t find the time to refill it. Don’t get me wrong, I can feel the difference in my body on these days, but it is nothing more than a little warning message from my body, to get. that. water. in.  


My sleep schedule is definitely off. I think everyone can relate to this one. I try my best, however, squeezing in intramural sports finishing at 1130 pm, far past my regular bedtime, can easily screw it up. After listening to some great podcasts on sleep, I’m trying to prioritize sleep more than I have in the past! 

On that note, thank you for still letting me fall asleep after starting at my phone for 30 minutes in bed. I try my hardest to avoid the use of my phone in bed, but some nights it just doesn’t happen. Yet.. I still manage to sleep thanks to my amazing body.

I hit that snooze button once in a while, and I know it’s one of the worst things, however, after about 15 minutes in the morning, my body bounces back and you’d never know I ever did it. So thank you.


I walk around in flip flops way more than I should. My feet deserve a little recognition here. More like a lot… I will walk way too far, and far too long wearing nothing more than $1 flip flops from Old Navy (because who doesn’t have every colour?!). Yet I sit down, toss my feet up at the end of the day, pain free and don’t think twice.


I know as I age this may not be as possible, and I know I’ll get comments from everyone over the age of 30 saying “enjoy it while it lasts!” .. and I will!

I’m writing this as a kind of reflection on what I need to be thankful for… I hope you can also relate to many of the things I’ve mentioned and be a little more thankful of what your body does day in and day out.

Don’t get me wrong, as I age, I’m learning to love my body as much as the next woman out there...

... but I find it important to reflect on the resilience, strength, and adaptions, of my body and should thank it every day. SO THANK YOU BODY.

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