I'm Too Busy To .... EXERCISE!

Being too busy is a thing of the past!

New research out of McMaster University looked into the idea of Exercise “Snacks”; short bouts of exercise that consisted of ascending 60 stairs as fast as possible, which lasted approximately 20 seconds, 3 times a day. See the full article below.


Many Canadians do not perform sufficient physical activity, and “lack of time” is often cited as a barrier.

What the study found was that after 6 weeks of performing the exercise bouts, there was an increase in VO2 peak, which is a marker of overall fitness. There was also an increase in peak leg power (measured on a stationary bike).

These results are very promising for those who consider themselves “Too Busy”. You can start with this small amount of exercise and start reaping the benefits.

That being said, it is great to work up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, but slow progressions are the best way to stay committed.

I preach this information daily. I prescribe exercises for individuals that will help with their aches and pains. I guide them in the proper direction to a happier and healthier life. Prescribing exercises can be a tough sell in the beginning, people think they are TOO BUSY. Finding time is difficult, (I often tell people to complete their calf stretching while brushing their teeth, pec stretch while they wait for their coffee, shoulder isometrics when they are waiting at red lights, and the list goes on). I give people these tips so that they can incorporate these changes into their life without having to sacrifice time doing other things. Once they see the benefit of the exercises, the exercise in general, THE MOVEMENT, they will start to carve out time in their day to complete their stretches and exercises because they know how good they will feel.

That same concept applies to the short “snacks” of exercise. Completing 20 seconds, 3 times a day leads to measurable differences in fitness and leg power. That being said, individuals will start to notice a difference with continued commitment. Once you start to notice the difference, this will help you place exercising a bit higher on your list of priorities. When you start spending more time exercising, you will start to experience the additional benefits of a regular fitness routine. Both physical and mental benefits will come from this commitment, and it all started with 20 seconds, 3 times a day.

Being able to move is such a blessing. Take advantage and enjoy it!

Courtney PostmaComment